Our Commitment 

Does your contractor use protection? 😲
Our first focus on the job is protecting your home with our industry leading site protection.

The demolition, junk removal and clean-out business has always received a bad rap.  Unfortunately, it is filled with people who are unprofessional, unkempt, and sometimes even on drugs.  Rest assured that GO Properties is the complete opposite, and we strive to change this stigma of the demolition industry. 

We understand that you have other options when it comes to completing your project.  If you choose not to use us, no hard feelings, but be sure that your demolition contractor meets all the following qualifications:

  • Licensed and Insured
  • Has a valid PA Home Improvement Contractors Number (PAHIC#)
  • Clean professional appearance
  • A team of professionals to assist with larger projects; not just one guy with a hammer
  • Equipment such as a dump trailer or dumpster big enough to handle the debris your project will produce
  • Site protection materials such as Zip Wall System for dust containment and X-Board for floor protection
  • Safety equipment such as masks and eye protection
  • A magnet tool to pick up nails left behind from the demolition